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Continuing in the tradition of the Crichton Street Gallery, at the same location (299 Crichton Street, at the intersection with Electric Street) with many of the same artists, and with a fresh new approach. The gallery's mission is to support Ottawa area artists and Ottawa area art.

Locals in and near the New Edinburgh neighbourhood in Ottawa are invited to enjoy frequently-changing displays of inspiring art in our picture windows. We try to brighten up these the days for pedestrian traffic past our gallery.

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Now Open for Visitors

We are now open in real life as well as in our online store!

We are as concerned as anyone about COVID, so we are allowing a maximum of two visitors at a time, wearing masks. We provide disposable masks on request. People with an appointment take priority over drop-ins.

All transactions are touchless through our e-commerce site.

Open Hours

Thursday 11 AM - 7 PM
Friday 11 AM - 4 PM
Saturday 11 AM - 4 PM
Sunday 11 AM - 4 PM

Window Shopping

There's always a lot to see in our display windows! Looking is free of charge! Displays change frequently. Please come by and look if you can! And if something on display tickles your fancy, you can buy it immediately.

We're still not ready to ship out of town, but if you buy something on our e-commerce site, we can arrange to deliver withing the Ottawa city limits (contact us). Or you can pick up curbside!

We represent

Window Shows

We will be having guest artists, and multi-artist "shows" in the gallery and featured in our picture window.

Currently, we are having a "hello show" introducing our core artists. Wrapping up this week we are showing acrylic/multimedia artists Elisabeth Arbuckle and Mary Ann Varley. Starting Thursday June 11, we will be displaying our gallerista, photographer Irene Tobis, and the exquisite watercolours and batiks of our new featured artist, Olga Radushkevich.

Help Us Support Local Art!

Signing a lease at this odd moment threw our plans off kilter a wee bit. Well, more than a bit, really.

We're still hopeful that we will be around for a long time. You can help us be a resource for artists and art-lovers by supporting our online store. Gift certificates are available, as well the inventory you see through the window, and more!

If you can't purchase right now, you can also help us by spreading the word. "Like" us on Facebook. Follow us on Instagram. And tell your friends, especially those who like to walk around New Edinburgh!

Subscribe or Contact

Drop by at the corner of Crichton Street and Electric Street during our open hours.

Or call us at (613) 748 - 2008.

Or use this contact form! You can add your name to our mailing list to get the latest news and an early look at the art on display. We appreciate your interest in local art!